21 Tips for a Faster Occupancy

HONEST answers to these questions and the correct action will get you more cash for your property, in a shorter period of time and with greater ease)

  1. Does the property or any part of it need painting?
  2. Is the landscaping in good condition?
  3. What about the screens? Are there any holes? Are they clean?
  4. Does the carpet need cleaning? replacing?
  5. Are all the appliances in good working order?
  6. Can I provide a television / microwave?
  7. What is the first impression of the property? Inside? Outside?
  8. Shall I take some things out of the closets to make them look bigger as tenants look for storage space?
  9. Shall I organise the kitchen cabinets to make them look more spacious?
  10. Is the furniture in good repair? Does it need cleaning? Replacing? Reupholstering?
  11. Is the property or its grounds suitable for a pet? Inside? Outside?
  12. Is the property suitable for children? What ages?
  13. Are the garage / the storage areas as clean and tidy, as they should be?
  14. Are there some objects in the property that I want to take/ do not want tenants to have access to? What shall I do about them?
  15. Can I give my THPM agent a list of things that I like about the property or the area?
  16. Are the price / terms being asked appealing to the rental market?
  17. What would I honestly pay per month for this property?
  18. Do I need to be aware of what similar properties are renting for?
  19. I am going to include the maintenance of the yard / Air conditioning and/or pool in the rent? If not will I worry that they are not being taken care of?
  20. Should I stay out of the prospective tenant’s way?
  21. Can I give my THPM agent a key to show the property more effectively?