Furnished/Fully Furnished?

There are very few properties that are listed that are unfurnished. Of those that are, appliances are nearly always provided. Always double check about blinds and window treatments.

Generally speaking properties are either furnished: -appliances, hard furnishings, window treatments, beds, mattresses, etc. or fully furnished: – all of the above plus bed linens, bathroom linens, and kitchen crockery and equipment.

Televisions, stereos and DVD players etc are a separate issue so always inquire, though televisions and microwaves are generally the standard. However, the degree of high tech ability will vary.

Remember if the property is only furnished, the purchasing of those extra items will add to your start up costs. Some people do choose to travel with these items as there is a large allowance for personal belongs before duty is paid. However, this only applies if you have a work permit / residency in place, if the belongings are more than 6 months old, and if they are brought in within the first 6 months. Do bear in mind that if you bring them with you, and the property you pick is fully furnished, you may have to store them yourselves.

Cayman loves Garage Sales and most are held from 6am on Saturday mornings at private residences. This is a great place to pick up bargains and many items are in good condition with families selling items prior to leaving the island. If your property is missing that certain something that you don’t want to pay an arm or a leg for this is a great place to look. Also try those advertised in Friday’s Caymanian Compass. Finally you can try www.ecaytrade.com, Caymans most established online trading portal.