Location and Transportation


Ocean/beach front properties are going to cost you the most amount of money. If you are willing to live close to the beach but not on it, you can get very nice properties at more reasonable rates. Canal front properties are also a good alternative.

Snug Harbour, South Sound, Parkway, and Governors Harbour are all areas that have apartments and/or houses, in nice residential areas close to town, the beach and all amenities.

Prospect is an area 10 minutes from town that is popular with expatriates. Many new homes and apartments are springing up there, in recent years. With its own shopping centre, including a supermarket, coffee house, pharmacy, liquor store, doctors office, school, beauty salon and eateries, as well a banking across the street, it is a full service community. It also has a skate and surf park which is extremely popular day and night.  5 minutes further East is Savannah which also now boasts many similar shops and stores.

The districts of West Bay and Bodden Town are both within about 20 minutes of George Town and have cheaper, more traditional style houses as well as apartments.

Wherever you live in Cayman, you will never be too far from the sea, shops, a bus route and you should always feel safe. Times are changing though and common sense dictates that doors and windows should be kept closed and locked.


Public transport is regulated in the Cayman Islands. There is a bus service that runs to each of the main areas of the island making getting around that much easier. They are abundant during rush hours. They are usually only a couple of dollars regardless of where you want to go. There are a few official bus stops around but it is easier just to flag one down when you see it approaching (single deck mini buses) and they will normally drop you at a spot that is mutually convenient.

There are a large number of taxis operating on the island and, like the buses, these are regulated with a central committee fixing the more than reasonable fares. Again, these can be flagged down or the numbers for them can be found in the local phone books.

Cars are readily available on the island for purchase, new and second hand, due to the transient population. Bringing your own vehicle from overseas can be an option but duty charges vary between 25-40% depending on the value of the vehicle, regardless of age and when it is brought down. Remember also that the climate here can be very tough on vehicles.