Medical Facilities

The facilities on Grand Cayman are generally very good. There are an abundance of private clinics as well as Government Health Clinics in each district. In George Town there is the Government Hospital and the privately run Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital. Both provide a full range of modern, up to date care in good surroundings. Opticians and Dentists also abound.

In cases of extreme illness or injury patients are air lifted to the United States for further care.

There is currently a move to expand on these services and push ‘medical tourism’ in Grand Cayman. This includes elective and cosmetic surgery and procedures, many of which are already available.  This will over the next few years increase the amount of services available on island to include more urgent care facilities and hopefully their affordability.

Note: Medical Insurance is compulsory in the Cayman Islands and employers are expected to contribute at least partially to its expense