When to Arrive and Availability

When to Arrive

This may seem like a strange thing to consider, but when you bear in mind that most leases and availability begins on the first of the month, then planning ahead makes sense. We usually recommend that new arrivals have temporary accommodation arranged for a week to 10 days when they first arrive.  Many companies actually pay for this temporary accommodation so ask your employer if it is covered in your relocation pack. This is sufficient time to get a feel for the island, find and agent, view properties and secure a place with all the necessary documentation needed to move into your new home. Note that most agents across the island work together in an MLS/Co-broke format, so make sure you mention to your agent if you have seen anything else with anymore else so as not to have repeat viewings set up.


The winter or “dry” season, which traditionally runs from December 15th through April 15th, has always been the busiest time of year, with tourists, new residents and employees all descending in a short period of time. Many new employees, and students (we have a number of Higher Education facilities in Grand Cayman), begin arriving in August. Accounting staff and bankers tend to come in October, and once into December it can get very difficult to find good accommodation at a reasonable rent. Many seasonal staff and teachers, and students begin to leave in May through June/July, with the next batch arriving in July and August. Many current residents use this time to look around for new accommodation or just to catch up with the market changes.

With the opening of St. Matthews School of Medicine, and St Matthews School of Veterinary Medicine a few years ago, the island sees a huge influx of new tenants on a regular basis, and with a turn over every semester keeping tenants, landlords and agents all on their toes.